Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

As our new website is now operational, we hope you are finding it both appealing and useful.

Our objectives through this blog are to improve awareness about landscape architecture as an emerging field in the Middle East and to showcase our role in this context. We plan on using this platform to share regular updates about our latest thoughts, works and announcements.

Throughout our experience on different markets, it has come to our attention that many individuals who display a strong interest in our field of work do not really understand what landscape architecture entails. This is not surprising considering that it is an emerging profession worldwide. While it has been around for centuries, it is a young field of work in the sense that it was only defined as such recently.

Seventy years ago, hiring an architect was not a necessity; people would envision their own living space and simply make it happen. Architects used to graduate with a double degree in engineering and architecture, just to give some weight to their prospects.

Today, it is not conceivable anymore to attempt to build without referring to an architect. In the meantime, landscape architects of the Middle East find themselves in the architects’ shoes seventy years ago.

We truly hope that this platform will help promoting the understanding of landscape architecture in the Middle East and act as a window to our studio.