Amaala School

Amaala School
January 26, 2024

The AMAALA School Project, set amidst a backdrop of stunning mountains, sparkling seas, and vibrant coral reefs, draws profound inspiration from its pristine landscape. The natural beauty of the Red Sea’s coral reefs, with their intricate patterns and behaviors, serves as a cornerstone for our design philosophy, embodying both geometrical and behavioral biomimicry. This concept resonates with AMAALA’s dynamic, organic, and communicative identity.

Our design approach extends beyond aesthetics, reflecting the school’s educational goals. We aim to support the developmental needs of students at different stages: from young children developing fine motor skills and socialization, to teenagers requiring active play and strength challenges, and high school students seeking independence and spaces for social and academic engagement.

The school’s layout is envisioned as a living habitat, a lively circuit that maintains a sense of scale while fostering seamless transitions between various spaces. Embracing the surrounding environment, the design concept envisages outdoor spaces as an evolving loop that parallels the students’ academic growth. This journey, akin to moving from the shallow shorelines to the deep sea, is captured through the application of coral-inspired patterns and varying geometrical designs.

Classrooms seamlessly open to courtyards, which in turn connect to the wider campus and the village, creating an uninterrupted flow throughout the school. The landscape unites as one harmonious entity, with early years’ courtyards featuring coral-inspired patterns that gradually transition to more mature geometries in the teen courtyard. As students progress, these designs evolve from vibrant, organic shapes to semi-formal geometries, symbolizing a transition from a learning environment to a more structured world.