• Villa Dalali

    Villa Dalali


    This landscape is thoughtfully designed to foster social interactions, featuring two distinct seating areas that cater to different times...

  • Villa SBK

    Villa SBK


    Villa SBK’s landscape design masterfully blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating a fluid transition from the front to the...

  • Roumieh Villa OA

    Roumieh Villa OA

    Roumieh, Lebanon

    The villa’s landscape is masterfully crafted to extend the indoor space outdoors, harmonizing with the building’s striking architecture. This...

  • Bednayel Residence ZS

    Bednayel Residence ZS

    Bednayel, Lebanon

    At the heart of the Bekaa Valley, this garden is a seamless expansion of a quaint, smaller vernacular garden....

  • Bloudan Residence KR

    Bloudan Residence KR

    Bloudan, Syria

    In the majestic high mountains of Syria, there’s a villa that once stood neglected due to the ravages of...

  • Baabda Residence

    Baabda Residence

    Baabda, Lebanon

    This residential garden is located in an existing pine forest. The architecture and garden takes into consideration the preservation...

  • Jwayya Residence Extension FD

    Jwayya Residence Extension FD

    Jwayya, Lebanon

    This residential garden is a continuation of the garden designed for two brothers. It is a cozy outdoor area...

  • Jwayya Residence KD

    Jwayya Residence KD

    Jwayya, Lebanon

    The project consists of two gardens on different levels owned by two brothers. While each garden conveys a unique...

  • Deir El Qamar Residence NN

    Deir El Qamar Residence NN

    Deir EL Qamar, Lebanon

    The Deir el Qamar residence, perched on a cliff within a pristine landscape, combines simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal...

  • Horsh Tabet JAZ

    Horsh Tabet JAZ

    Hosrh Tabet, Lebanon

    This family building hides a green gem located at the heart of Beirut. However, it was abandoned for years...

  • Beit Misk RB

    Beit Misk RB

    Beit Misk, Lebanon

    This residential garden is located in Beit Misk, a gated community aiming at recreating the charm and heritage of...

  • Luna’s Village

    Luna’s Village

    Hamra, Lebanon

    We were commissioned to revamp this rooftop located on top of a colorful building from the 70’s. Managed by...

  • Delb Town House KF

    Delb Town House KF

    Delb, Lebanon

    This residential garden is located in Delb Town House, a gated community recreating the feel of independent Lebanese town...

  • Fatka GA

    Fatka GA

    Fatka, Lebanon

    This small but cozy outdoor space hosts a harmonious flow allowing its visitors to wander around with minimal barriers....

  • Adma Villa RR

    Adma Villa RR

    Adma, Lebanon

    This residential garden constitutes the shared garden area of the ground floor level of a family building in Adma....

  • Ain Saade Villa AA

    Ain Saade Villa AA

    Ain Saade, Lebanon

    This impressive villa lies on top of a hill, high above the public road leading to its extended garden....

  • Bayyada backyard

    Bayyada backyard

    Bayyada, Lebanon

    The main challenge of the project was to find the right balance between efficient spatial organization and budget optimization....

  • STMH Offices

    STMH Offices

    Jnah, Lebanon

  • Yarzé residence GG

    Yarzé residence GG

    Yarzé, Lebanon

  • Mar Takla Balcony

    Mar Takla Balcony

    Mar Takla, Lebanon

  • Hazmieh Rooftop

    Hazmieh Rooftop

    Hazmieh, Lebanon

  • Kfar Katra Residence

    Kfar Katra Residence

    Kfarkatra, Lebanon

  • Seheile Residence

    Seheile Residence

    Seheile, Lebanon

  • Laqlouq Residence WY

    Laqlouq Residence WY

    Laqlouq, Lebanon

  • Horsh Tabet Residence MH

    Horsh Tabet Residence MH

    Sin el Fil, Lebanon

  • Jbeil Residence CY

    Jbeil Residence CY

    Byblos, Lebanon

  • Monteverde Residence PH

    Monteverde Residence PH

    Monteverde, Lebanon

  • Faqra Residence AZ

    Faqra Residence AZ

    Faqra, Lebanon

  • Hazmieh Residence MAK

    Hazmieh Residence MAK

    Hazmieh, Lebanon

  • Dhour Shweir Residence S

    Dhour Shweir Residence S

    Dhour Shweir, Lebanon